IP Management in R&D – Understanding the National IP Protocol (NIPP) and Master Research Collaboration Agreement (MRCA)

R&D collaborations present unique challenges for IP Management. The National IP Protocol (NIPP) and Master Research Collaboration Agreement (MRCA) seek to assist public agencies in navigating some of these issues. Familiarise yourself with the principles of the NIPP and common agreed terms in the MRCA through this newly-developed course! The course will engage participants through class discussions of case studies and scenarios which illuminate each of the principles in the NIPP.

Participants will be provided with a toolkit* of helpful resources to help them navigate the IPM issues and queries relating to R&D which they can refer to even after the course. (*The toolkit is shared with the course on “Navigating IP Issues in R&D Collaborations” programme.)

Participants are assumed to have some basic knowledge of the various types of IP and fundamentals IPM knowledge relating to R&D. Otherwise they are strongly encouraged to attend the IP/IPM Course for Public Agencies prior to attending this course. Participants may consider attending Navigating IP Issues in R&D Collaborations course if they would like to know more on managing IP created in a collaborative arrangement and its risk management.

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Learning Objectives

"Hands-on" knowledge through case study and scenario discussions of the five principles of National IP Protocol (NIPP) in the context of R&D, relating to: - Value creation and value capture for Singapore; - Common framework for industry engagements; - Active management of IP; - Reservation of right to use IP; - and benefits to researchers.
Understand the major agreed terms in Master Research Collaboration Agreement (MRCA) and terms to agree to for individual RCAs, through tutor-led discussions.
Explore case studies on the handling of public funds and managing of IP through various scenarios and per sharing exercises including those related to software, medical/pharma, electronic/mechanical R&D projects.
Navigate through the documents and references that could be used in the toolkit.

Who Should Attend

Legal counsels
Principal investigators
Project officers / managers
Research grant administrators / managers
Technology transfer officers / managers
Other officers across public agencies, who handle matters involving IP in R&D
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22 Sep
23 Sep
09:00 am - 12:30 pm
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  • S$577.80 per pax
  • Price is inclusive of GST

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