IP Expert Series – Monetise Your Intangible Assets For Profit and Growth

With the rising importance of intangible assets (IA) to value creation today, every business must find ways to monetise their most valuable assets for profit and growth.

What are the different ways of making money from your IA? What sort of considerations must a business make along the way? And how does Singapore-based startup Mycotech monetise its groundbreaking mushroom leather technology? Get your answers to all these questions and more at our next IP Expert Series – Monetise Your Intangible Assets for Profit and Growth webinar.

Join Mr Ye Thu Aung, IP Strategist, (IPOS International) and this year's WIPO-IPOS IP For Innovation Award IP Champion Mr Adi Reza Nugroho, CEO & Co-founder of Mycotech as they share insights, practical advice and Mycotech's own IA journey. Gain insights into:

• Ways to commercialise your intangible assets and IP;

• Creating a successful licensing deal; and

• Forming better IP/IA collaborations for business growth.

This webinar is part of our IP Expert Series webinars where IP experts share actionable tips on IP and intangible assets management.

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