3D Printing in Building and Construction

Posted on 20 Aug, 2019
By IPOS International

One single operator overseeing the construction of a large building. Reduced construction costs coupled with structures built in accelerated time. More complex architectural design. These are increasingly acknowledged as advantages of deploying 3D printing in the labour-intensive building and construction industry, as well as solutions to the problems entrenched in the industry, including safety issues, long construction time, massive waste and carbon generation, etc.

While the deployment of 3D printing in the building and construction industry is still in its infancy, its application is steadily gaining traction, given its potential to revolutionise the industry. Having already witnessed deployable prototypes being 3D-printed since 2014, we should expect to see more 3D printed-infrastructure in the next decade.

This study provides an overview of this nascent field while highlighting some of the lead players and interesting innovative technologies observed from patent data. Aside from providing a high-level understanding of up-and-coming technologies in the building and construction industry, this report will also offer insights on potential areas for continued innovation and technology adoption.


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