The Birth of IPOS International, One Year On

Posted on 28 Sep, 2020
By Rachel Tan, Nicholas Loh, Peter Oh, Zann Chan

We were there at the birth of IPOS International. Like an expectant – pun intended – parent awaiting and planning for the birth of their child. However, nothing could prepare us for the actual whirlwind of activities this new beginning would entail!

From conceptualising a strong brand identity to creating reams of brand new messaging and marketing material, building an entirely new website from scratch, consolidating over ten separate social media profiles, and preparing to launch our brand with a big bang by a Minister, a Chairman, and a Chief Executive at IP Week – the lead up to and first “full month” of IPOS International definitely saw the team running on creative (and caffeine) overdrive.

Beyond creating stunning designs, videos and engaging copy, a lot of the work we do happens behind the scenes. Things like coordinating and working with multiple stakeholders at all times, developing new marketing and communication processes and SOPs, continually creating different types of content from presentations decks to videos and webinar campaigns are only scratching the surface. Little by little, these tasks add up and take up to a significant chunk of our team’s time and effort. This project management aspect of our job is vital in ensuring effective and efficient delivery of the marketing and communications projects increasing the success of our campaigns.

While our job can be challenging at times, (read: running on tight deadlines, messaging lost in translation), it does have its perks. We’re empowered to create a brand loved by all inside and out, and given the creative room to constantly shape and reshape the brand experience for everyone. One year later, the experience of our rebranding remains fresh in our minds, and we’re continually working to solidify IPOS International as a brand to be reckoned with. Following its birth, we’ve now taken on the role as its custodian and nurturer, and witnessing its growth from its days of infancy – from broad strokes on paper, to a full-fledged brand dedicated to helping enterprises grow – makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a proud parent.

As the proverb goes, it takes a village to raise a child and the kampong spirit is vibrant and alive across IPOS International. At the end of the day, it’s teamwork that makes growth happen. To quote Michael Jordan, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Beyond the satisfaction of a job well done, what makes our work rewarding and fun are the people we get to do it with – our own Branding and Communications team, along with the various business units.

And the people we do it for makes it extra meaningful. One year on, we are heartened that the content and initiatives we create on a daily basis go towards helping enterprises and individuals grow with their intangible assets. We admire the ingenuity of business leaders and recognise their `growing pains’ in the innovation process. This inbuilt DNA to stay fierce, resilient, and risk-taking in the most challenging environments is what inspires us to keep going and growing.

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