Intellectual Property (IP) Management Course and Toolkit for ICT Procurement

What are the IP risks associated with incorporating open source software into a government agency’s mobile app?

What are the possible implications if the background IP of an ICT system is not addressed in the procurement contract?

Take a deep dive into IP management issues in ICT procurement!

Developed with support from the Ministry of Law, the Ministry of Finance, and GovTech, this course aims to equip participants with an understanding of IP considerations in the ICT procurement process, the mitigating of infringement risks during procurement, and best practices for handling and managing IP issues in ICT procurement.

Participants are assumed to have knowledge about IP in procurement. Otherwise they are strongly encouraged to attend the IP Management Course and Toolkit for Procurement Officers prior to attending this course.

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Intellectual Property (IP) Management Course and Toolkit for ICT Procurement
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Learning Objectives

Navigate the typical forms of ICT procurement (e.g. Software, Hardware, Services), as well as ICT procurement contract documents (e.g. Government bulk tenders and ICT procurement contract templates).
Identify the types of IP relevant in common ICT procurements (e.g. IT/ICT consulting services, off-the-shelf software, turnkey systems, etc.) and what are some of the IP-related concerns to note in relation to such procurement.
Use of a decision tree to choose the relevant template for various ICT procurements.
Understand the Government policies and guidelines relating to ICT procurement and the importance of public officers complying with policies and guidelines relating to ICT contracts.
Understand the key IP Issues in ICT Procurement (with reference to relevant template clauses, where applicable): Ownership vs. licence, Use of third party IP (e.g. pass-through licences, open-source software), IP warranties and indemnities, Mitigate infringement risks, Modifications to and maintenance of the system, Source code escrow, Transitioning services, Data and databases (i.e. on ownership and use)
Discuss examples of common push-backs on IP issues in direct contracting that vendors may raise based on the position under the AGC templates.
Acquire learning points relating to IP/IPM issues from case study discussions of ICT procurement scenarios.
* This course is only open to Singapore Civil Servants and Public Officers.

Who Should Attend

Public officers who are involved in procurement or ICT projects
Legal counsels
Project officers/managers and other officers across public agencies who handle ICT procurement matters involving IP
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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all courses will be conducted via online streaming. We will be providing participants with the relevant materials prior to the course. When the COVID-19 situation improves in the near future and this course is able to be conducted face-to-face, we will update course registrants accordingly.

11 Jan
12 Jan
Intellectual Property (IP) Management Course and Toolkit for ICT Procurement
09:00 am - 12:45 pm
Online Live Stream
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  • S$577.80 per pax
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