Generative AI in the Public Sector: Intellectual Property (IP) Considerations, Legal Risks and Governance Issues

In recent years, generative artificial intelligence (AI) has shown immense potential in reshaping various industries including the public sector. Generative AI technology’s ability to generate content, simulate real-world scenarios and devise innovative solutions present a wide spectrum of promising and transformative possibilities, by improving decision-making processes, enhancing citizen services, and optimising resource allocation. However, it is essential to find the middle ground between harnessing AI’s capabilities and addressing the IP implications and legal concerns to ensure its responsible use and integration within the public sector.


This half-day seminar provides public agency officers with a condensed overview of generative AI and its applications, intellectual property (IP) considerations, legal risks and governance issues when using generative AI technologies. Participants will gain essential insights into managing their IP assets and ensuring legal compliance in the context of generative AI.

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Learning Objectives

Understand at a basic level what generative AI is.
Identify potential uses of generative AI in the Public Sector.
Understand the fundamental IP concepts relevant to generative AI.
Identify common legal risks associated with AI deployment.
Understand key governance issues for responsible AI usage in public agencies.

Who Should Attend

Public officers across WOG who handle matters involving policy implementation and IP/IP management
Legal counsels
IT and technology officers handling data protection and security
AI project officers
Marketing and communications officers
and those who are interested in understanding how emerging technologies impact public sector work.
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28 Feb
(Registration starts at 8:30am)
09:00 am - 12:30 pm
IPOS International
Mr Paul McClelland
Head of Legal & Faculty IPOS International (Academy)

Paul McClelland specialises in intellectual property law and commercial dispute resolution. Before joining IPOS International Pte Ltd, Paul was the sole corporate counsel for a well-known Singaporean brand, where he was responsible for a broad range of commercial matters, including worldwide trademark registrations and oppositions, management of external counsel, contract review, and training.

He has experience working in private practice for both Singapore and Scottish law firms. His practice focused on intellectual property and commercial arbitration. He also taught commercial law, intellectual property and real estate law at a Scottish university.

$272.50 (incl. GST)

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